After 10 years LINK’s path evolves to become ANAVA. A team that delivers to the world today, what once started as a dream.


Our People have always been our most important asset; we are a family who make possible, the impossible.

Power Statement

ANAVA integrates its business units for the transformation of the industry.


We offer and implement dynamic, flexible and innovative logistics solutions. We have an experienced team of professionals, committed to the efficiency of our operations and cargo security.

We have an holistic and integrated vision of all the segments of the supply chain. All of the above allow us to design, plan and conduct custom-made logistics solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients, both in demanding and complex conditions.

More than 200 clients have chosen ANAVA as their logistics partner, entrusting their cargoes to our business units: Shipping, International, Transport, Logistics and Port Terminals.

ANAVA has a broad range of clients from different industry sectors, including mining, energy, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, chemical products, food-beverages, e-commerce/technology and manufacturing.


a Family.

The trust, culture, loyalty, friendship and cooperation showed by our people enable us to win and grow as a team at a personal, family and professional level.




We transform challenges into opportunities; always with an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude.